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Efficient technology to perfect your swing

TGSwing was developed to assist players

perfecting their swing in less time

Learn how to be the best

TGSwing is an innovative accessory for golf players that assists in correcting arm position
improving your swing.

Keeping an optimal position of the left arm during the swing movement is fundamental to hit the ball with power and efficiency.

TGSwing technology tracks the elbow position in real time and alerts the player if the arm
position has changed during the swing so it can be corrected.


Professional moves achievable by everyone

TGSwing incorporates a technology that lets the player perfect their swing effectively and

Its position sensor verifies the correct arm posture in real time, and its light signal alerts the player when the elbow posture needs adjustment by showing the correct position to achieve a perfect hit.

Position detector

Light alert

Ergonomic adjustment

The smart TGSwing system detects changes in elbow position in real-time.

Its technology alerts with a light signal when the arm is straight and warns if the position changes.

Its ergonomic adjustment adapts to the player’s arm and lets it move freely.

TGSwing helps you become a professional player.


Technology at the service of golf

A perfect swing has never been an easy task even for professional players. TGSwing’s innovative technology helps the player keep the left arm straight throughout the move keeping a perfect distance between arm and ball.



For the small ones

TGSwing has a model specially designed for children. Its technology adapts perfectly so boys and girls can enjoy learning using its technology, it is light and simple to use.

The small-ones will have fun as they become real professional golf players. The covers are
interchangeable with a variety of designs, colors, and anything you can think of!

A unique accessory for all tastes


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TGSwing holds an international patent. The rights to exploit its patent are available for negotiation or licensing. This is a great opportunity for investors or companies looking to reach new markets with innovative products.


If you are interested in receiving more detailed information, please contact us: info@tgswing.com